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Severus Snape and the Bird: by Mykerinos Part 2

�Severus Snape in his underwear... Never thought I would be part of that.�

Severus turned around to see Sybil Trelawney standing there.

�What are you doing here?� Severus asked horrified. He knew Sybil had a crush on him and she, of all women, seeing him like this surely wasn�t a good thing.

�This morning I looked into the future again, and guess what I saw, Severus.�

Severus shivered. The way she said his name was so scary. Then he remembered the reason of this embarrassing situation.

�The bird!� he shouted, looking around. �Where�s the bird?!�

�I know where the bird is, Severus.� Sybil said on her dreamy tone, staring at his wardrobe.

Severus, confused, followed her gaze and with a simple wave of his wand he opened the dresser. Nothing alive was in it, and he angrily looked at Sybil.

�I just wanted to know what kind of clothes you have, other than the black ones,� she smiled, and walked to his wardrobe. Severus sighed but knew he could do nothing to let this woman go away. Nothing, except for�a spell? He raised his wand, but Sybil interrupted his concentration.

�You�re underestimating me, Severus. Don�t you understand I predicted this, this morning?�

Severus stared at her in a very disturbed way.

�I just wanted to get new robes,� he sneered, and accio-ed them to him, and got himself dressed. He actually wanted to get Sybil out of his room but he had to sort out his priorities. He looked around and saw the bird flying out his room. Severus chased him to the third floor, and started to panic when the bird flew outside. He let out a yell of triumph while throwing himself out the window. He clung to the branch of a tree and lifted himself up so he was sitting on it. He climbed higher, to the top of the tree and saw the bird circling around it.

�Get down!� Severus shouted but the bird kept circling.

�Alright,� Severus grinned. �Then, I�ll get you down.�

He drew his wand and yelled a spell that should make anyone who it was under its effect as heavy as rock. But because the bird was still moving and the fact that Severus wasn�t very stable, he missed. Severus shot again and again and again; but they all missed. Well, not all of them. One hit� One of the spells hit Harry Potter, who was flying trough the air on his Firebolt.

Harry looked down to the ground that he was falling to at a very high speed. The boy let out a scream of terror. Some children who where standing on the ground quickly pointed to Harry and a few let out screams of astonishment. With a loud smack, the famous Harry Potter hit the ground. Within a few moments, children and teachers came running to the accident.

�IT WAS VOLDEMORT! I SAW HIM IN THE TREE!!!� some stupid kid yelled while pointing at the tree that Severus was in. He quickly hid in the leaves and saw the bird flying to Hogwarts� highest tower. Not caring about what the others would think, Severus accio-ed Potter�s Firebolt, and flew, much faster than the bird, to the tower. The bird was scared to death when he saw Severus waiting for him, and wanted to get away. Unfortunately, he wasn�t fast enough. With one hand, Severus plucked the bird out of the air. A feeling of victory rushed trough Severus� bones.

�Now I�ve got you!� he yelled hysterically. Tears started to form in the bird�s eyes.

�You�re not fooling me! So don�t try to make me feel guilty!� Severus screamed, squeezing the bird. With his free hand, Snape grabbed his wand. He menacingly placed it on the bird�s throat. He looked up to think of a very nasty spell but decided no spell would be terrible enough for this irritating bird. He walked down to his dungeons and locked the bird up in the best cage he had. Severus looked up a clock and noticed the time. He let out a small groan and decided he had better get to bed. After all, he did have classes to teach tomorrow.


�I finally managed to get rid of the damned bird,� Severus sighed. He walked to the teacher�s room, and went to get some coffee. McGonagall was already standing by the coffee machine and Severus asked her to give him a cup, too. But when McGonagall turned around, he saw her head was really fluffy. It was yellow and with huge, blue eyes� Severus screamed, and ran out of the teacher�s room. When he looked around he saw Sybil walking towards him. She had the same bird-head as McGonagall. Severus screamed again and wanted to run to his dungeons. He moved towards the door but was stopped by hundreds of thousands of things flying around him. It didn�t took him long to realize; these were all the same yellow, fluffy birds! Hysterically, he waved his arms about and tried to get away from the masses of birds. When he finally arrived at his dungeons, he saw Sybil standing there. Suddenly, his robes were gone. He opened his wardrobe, wanting to get a new one. But there weren�t any normal, black robes in it anymore. All of them were yellow and they had the heads of yellow, fluffy birds on them. Their huge, blue eyes pierced into his soul. Sybil laughed and out of fear Severus jumped out of the window. He landed on a tree and saw Harry Potter flying around on a yellow broomstick with cute, little wings. Severus loathed it and shot a laser beam at him. Harry fell and everybody cried.

 �IT WAS SNAPE! THERE HE IS!� Collin yelled, and pointed at Severus. Severus wanted to hide but suddenly the leaves fell off. There was nothing to hide behind. He jumped out of the tree, which wasn�t a very good idea. All students and teachers encircled him. They had trapped him. He couldn�t go anywhere. The people looked at him with very angry and scary faces. Severus was trapped. Trapped like a bird in a cage�


With a scream Severus woke up, bathing in sweat. His heart beat very fast but he didn�t take the time to cool down. He stood up and ran to the cage to unlock it. He looked into the huge, blue eyes of the fluffy, yellow bird, and picked him up. He dragged him out of the cage and walked to the window. With one motion he threw the bird out and it squeaked happily, flying up and down, but not letting Severus out his sight.

�Yeah, yeah,� Severus sighed. �Just go, before I change my mind.�

The bird squeaked again and to Severus� surprise he flew back to him. It landed in his hair. Severus almost had to vomit, but he restrained himself. He allowed the bird to stand on his head for a few moments. He tried his best not to move and succeeded. The bird fell asleep on his head. Not long after that, Severus himself fell asleep.

The next morning he woke up with a stiff neck. The bird was gone. Severus let out a relieved sigh and got himself dressed. When he walked to his classroom, he noticed students staring at him. Severus didn�t know why they were staring. There wasn�t an overactive bird flying around his head. On his way to the dungeons he deducted 20 points from various houses. During the lessons, students kept giggling. Severus was tired, and decided not to bother. But when he walked back to his office that midday and accidentally looked into a mirror. He screamed like he had never screamed before. His beautiful, black hair was full with yellow, fluffy feathers�..

Help! Help! I'm being repressed!

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